It’s so cold

November 24, 2008 at 10:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I just ran outside to get my phone out of my car, I love how cold and dark winter nights are 🙂 I really need to take a walk one of these nights. Went and saw James Bond today with Michael, it was pretty good. Had a long discussion about random things on the way home, haha. I love random conversations 🙂 Also just watched the newest episode of One Tree Hill.. it’s starting to get really boring, sigh. But I did enjoy some kettle korn while watching it, which was delicious. Going to the concert tomorrow with Brenna, I’m stoked. No idea what I’m wearing though.. :/ It’s always fun to talk to the guy who works at the food place there, he’s quite amusing. Ahhh I went to Elephant Bar today! Their veggie burgers are seriously the best thing ever.. so are their fries.. Maybe I just love their veggie burgers so much because they have avocado on them. My food seriously got to me in like less than five minutes.. maybe it’s because Michael didn’t order anything, and vegetarian food is a lot faster or something. Anyway, I’m going to crawl into my bed and read a book. Good night.


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