Pumpkin Pie

November 30, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Uncategorized)

Pumpkin pie is the most amazing thing on the planet. I ate the last pieces of it today :/ Have to make some new as soon as possible, haha. Went and volunteered today, the cats were all soo cute. One of them was so sick he had to keep his mouth open in order to breathe :/ poor thing. On my way there there was a CHP behind me, I got so nervous hah. Barely remembered how to change gears and stuff xD My cat was especially adorable this morning, when I got up he heard my door open, and he ran upstairs while making happy cat noises and started rubbing against me.. aweee.

So today I FINALLY got all my files back from my old laptop.. all my music is now combined into 1,500 songs, and I haven’t even added my 857843758 cds to my library.. too bad my ipod only hold 500 songs D: Not sure what to do about that. Tomorrow Michael and I are celebrating our eight months, I’m going to make him dinner :] I’m craving it already mm. He is the one planning what to do before that, he won’t tell me what we’re going to do >_< Anyway, I’m going to continue burning down my cds now.. and eat something I’m hungry (Yes! I have sour cream and onion rice cakes! Mm).


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