Swedish girl

December 11, 2008 at 9:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Tuesday wasn’t too eventful, just the usual: social psychology class, babysitting, abnormal behavior class. Did make my mom and I some good lunch though 🙂

On wednesday I went to my regular once a week ilc meeting. Talked a lot to Madisen like usual, and this guy Brandon I hadn’t met before. He saw my “me” collage, and saw that I had fight club on it so we started talking about movies. After awhile (and after I tried to actually do my work, it’s hard to focus when I’m distracted >_<) my teacher starts talking about how she’s been to Europe and then she asked me where I was from again, to which I replied Sweden. Brandon goes “Oh yeah, you’re the Swedish girl! We were talking about you the other day.” Uhh.. okay o_O I had never met this guy before and who is “we”? xD Then I had some delicious Quiznos, and drove and got my papers signed for Advanced Education (so I get extra credits for my college courses). Wrote my paper on the Insanity Defense as well, took foreever.

Took my social psych exam today, got an 82. Good, but lower than all my other scores :/ Mike and I watched House ❤ then we had some more Quiznos >_> Then I went to abnormal behavior, the last class :[ sad, I loved that course. The people around me are pretty awesome too. Then went to Mike’s, we had a long discussion about religion (I loove long discussions :D), and he made me hot chocolate and a sandwich 🙂 awee. Now I’m here, I’m going to go to bed early so I can catch up on some sleep. Have two finals next week, ugh. And I have to finish a book so I can do a bookreport for my next ilc meeting, not sure which of my books to finish first (since I’ve started a few, hah). Apparently a big storm is coming in this weekend, creepy o_O but cozy too.. might snow yay! Too bad I was going to go christmas shopping on Sunday, probably can’t now if it’s super windy and rainy since that makes driving difficult. Anyway.. my cat just gave me a weird look o_o Well, time for bed! Good night 🙂


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