No cop, no stop

December 17, 2008 at 12:38 pm (Uncategorized)

So the other day when Mike and I were driving to class, this one car completely flew by the stop sign without stopping. Mike and I were just like.. oh my god. Ironically enough, at the next stop sign there were 3 cops, and the same car did a nice, smooth stop. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, christmas break is finally here 🙂 My independent study teacher actually assigned me homework over break though D: Gah. I got a B on my social psych final, and an A on my abnormal behavior final. I’m going to miss that class, it was so interesting and the people were awesome. I studied with Michelle (brazilian exchange student), Randall, and this other woman I can NOT remember her name, it was hard to pronounce hah. We were like cracking up the entire time. Some things that were said probably shouldn’t be written here. Haha. After my class I went to Borders and some other stores, finally finished my christmas shopping. Got the kids I babysit for presents, going to give them to them today 🙂 After that I’m going to Mike’s to watch Seven.

On monday my mom and I went to a Korean market, I bought some ingredients to make miso soup and sushi, as well as some drinks and whatnot. Also went to a Mediterranean market, got some food there too. We went out to lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen (yum), and I got some clothes at Urban Outfitters. I finaaaally found some skinny jeans that are actually skinny on my tiny frame. Yes! I wanted to buy every single pair. Then went to Mike’s and had more pizza, and we studied in front of the fire. It started hailing, it was pretty sweet. Anyway.. the kitchen is calling me. I’m going to go make some miso soup 😀


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