Rainy day

December 21, 2008 at 5:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Mm, I love cloudy and rainy winter days (though of course snow is better, but it never snows here). Just had some glögg with my parents, am about to wrap and finish up all my christmas presents. My cat is very satisfied, he has cleaned himself for like 2374287 hours and is sleeping on my blanket. Yesterday I went and saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, it was a really good movie. Was quite thought provoking as well. We humans really don’t take good care of our planet, and like a character in the movie said: “they know what will happen to them, yet they do nothing to stop it.” How incredibly true is that? We do all these things, war is an example, and we know it could easily be the end of it yet we don’t even do anything to change ourselves for the better. The alien guy from the movie finally stopped the destruction of humankind (we were being destroyed since earth is one of the few planets that supports life, and it is vital that it survives) because the main (human) character said “We can change!” Truthfully, I doubt that. Also, there was a  big robot in the movie that activated when violence started, and people were just like “okay.. it activates when we use violence.. but there is nothing else we can do!  violence is the answer!” sigh. After the movie, Mike and I went to Chili’s (yum) and then went to his house. I hate to admit this, but I played w.o.w >_> heh. I always make fun of him because he plays that (jokingly of course), but it’s actually pretty fun. Hadn’t played in awhile, but I’m now on level 9! xD

I got an A in abnormal behavior 😀 Sweeet. I have to babysit at seven in the morning on tuesday, it will definitely be tough to get up that early hah. Anyway, time to go wrap gifts 🙂


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