Been a few days

January 3, 2009 at 3:14 pm (Uncategorized)

Since I last wrote.. Happy 2009 😀 Not too much has happened since I last wrote, mainly just the usual. Mike and I had our nine month, and of course New Years happened. Seen a lot of movies lately, my favorite was probably The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, it was quite long but really good. Next week most things go back to normal, which kind of sucks but oh well. If Mike gets off at six tonight we’re going to Borders and Best Buy, mm green tea lattes.

Kind of want to dye my hair red again, hmm. For some reason my hair color has become darker though, which makes it hard to get my hair the color I want when I dye it >_<

Ah, last night I drove to get my brother from his friends house, it was extremely foggy (and dark hah). Could barely see at all, I was probably driving in the middle of the road half the time haha.

There are so many good shows coming up in January, can’t wait 😀 Well, I should go make some lunch now. Lateeer.


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