Good evening

January 11, 2009 at 12:26 am (Uncategorized)

Okay.. It’s been awhile since I wrote. Again.

Updates of my week:

January the fourth: Hmm. I honestly don’t remember, I think I just devoted my day to being introverted

Monday: Babysat, went out to Best Buy (got Donnie Darko and a Nightwish CD), Bath & Body Works (got the Blushing Cherry Blossom perfume), Borders, sushi, then the  movies with Mike. Saw The Spirit, it was quite.. interesting. Then went home and watched my beloved shows (One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl >_>)

Tuesday: Babysat again.. I possibly did some homework as well

Wednesday: Class, then I hung out with Michael again, picked up Tim from school then babysat. That night I went out to sushi with Kristen, yum.

Thursday: Hung out with Michael all day I believe? Went to the movies and stuff.

Friday: Went to the DMV with Mike (wow, apparently I spend all my time with him xD it’s amazing how we’re not sick of eachother yet 😛 hopefully that won’t happen though). Finaaaally got my licence renewed, they have kept messing it up agh. And no, I haven’t been driving illegally although my licence expired in November, I have a temporary licence x] Mike and I were talking to the lady behind the counter when some man was like uhh someone just passed out on the floor! Mike and I look down and there’s a young woman lying right next to our feet. NO idea how we didn’t hear or notice her o_O Apparently she got super nervous for her driving test, and although she passed it she.. well passed out. Ambulance and a fire truck came, poor woman 😦 Then I spent the rest of my day at home

Saturday (today): Watched a movie at Mike’s house, and ate some amazing Subway. Then went to a Bidwell show with Brenna, went to her house first though and had some veggie burgers. Apparently drivers driving after 10 pm have a waay higher chance of getting hit by a drunk driver (on any weekday). Creepy D:

It’s been a pretty good week. I’m going to bed now though, I’m sleepy. G’night 🙂


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