January 22, 2009 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

You know what I love? Seeing guys with a bunch of flowers 🙂 I’ve been seeing it a lot lately; just yesterday leaving Safeway I saw a 40 something man leaving with a big cake, big boquet of flowers, and a balloon. Awee. And when I was at the movies the other day I saw an old couple with their arms around eachother, cute 🙂 Glad to see good guys are still around (then again, I have a great guy as a boyfriend 🙂 he got me a rose today for no special reason, I love flowers ^^). I’m a hopeless romantic but I’m not a huge fan of expressing it, just writing this is making me feel awkward >_> Anyway.

Saw The White Tie Affair, Rookie of the Year, Secondhand Serenade, and Meg & Dia on sunday with Brenna (the food guy thought we were sisters xD). Awesome show, all bands were good.

Ooh, I also started my college courses! My developmental Psych class is so interesting so far, and I sit next to Mike which is nice. I’m also taking Intro to Psych (I already know most of the stuff, but I need it to get my AA), which is a class of 120 students.. and we have an group presentation in it. Noooo! I don’t even know anyone in that class agh, there’s only 10 psych majors in there (counting me). But there is like 20 other people not from the U.S. x] Usually I’m the only or one of the few foreigners in my classes, haha.

Watched Lost today with Mike, so stoked that’s back finally. And House was on on Monday.. I love those shows.

Good night!


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