February 10, 2009 at 5:29 pm (Uncategorized)

So here is what I’ve done the past few days:

Friday: Hung out with Brenna for awhile, went and got some tea from Starbucks and then went and got sushi. Then I took a long, hot bath. Which actually sounds great right now as well considering it’s freezing.
Saturday: It was free museum day, which Mike and I wanted to take advantage of. We went to the zoo first, which was super crowded. After that we were going to go to the Railroad Museum but it had a huge line so we just walked around Old Sac for awhile. We got promise rings 🙂 They look pretty cool, it’s some sort of celtic design. Then we were going to go to the Discovery Science museum but we ended up getting lost >_< Randomly ended up at Arden Fair mall which was also super crowded, it took us forever to find a parking space in order to sit in the car and eat the picnic we had made. When he was driving me home, we were at a stoplight and a car that was turning almost drove into the turning lane on the wrong side of the street o_O And just while that was happening, the lady turning in the car behind her was super close to getting run into by another old woman who ran a red light.. crazy. That night I babysat for a few hours, I made them root beer floats and after the girl went to bed the ten year old boy and I watched Man vs. Wild. When he went to bed I just watched some Friends and part of The Notebook.
Sunday: Hmm. I can’t really remember what I did, except I slept in pretty late.
Monday: Went to my moms friend’s house because I might start babysitting for them, they are also Swedish. The kids (3 and 6) are soo cute! It was weird speaking Swedish to someone besides my family though. Then I babysat, and went to Mike’s. We got sushi and chocolate desserts. We were going to watch House but it wasn’t on! So we watched some Family Guy instead.
Today, tuesday: Went to my human development class, we were talking about adolescence and this guy brought up how one of his friends mom calls her youngest son hot and stuff like that.. uh weird much? o_O I love how we always have interesting discussions in that class x] Then Mike and I got Subway and hung out for awhile, then I babysat. And now I have to work on math, ack.


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