In Flames

February 24, 2009 at 8:17 pm (Uncategorized)

make everything better.. nothing like a little Swedish metal to bring up your mood ;]

Hmm.. I am working on yet MORE algebra. I swear, it’s like never ending and I have to finish it all as soon as possible. Sigh. My kitty is in here sleeping though 🙂 And I also got three new books (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, in Swedish. Just told my mom today I’ve been waiting forever to get that from the library because there is a long waitlist, then it turns out we own them, xD) that I really want to read. As soon as I finish Sickened that is, but it’s almost over.

I got 89.6% on my Human Development exam.. so close to an A :[ Mike got a 91%, lucky. We have to write a report on circumcision.. and watch a video on how it’s done (no way I’m going to watch that). It’s due on tuesday, and I’ll be gone Sat-Mon and I’m busy most of the week, don’t know when I’ll do it :/ Maybe tomorrow night.

Went to Border’s today with Mike, looked through some interesting books and had some delicious green tea latte and a blueberry scone.

The left side of my head has been numb and tingly all day o_O How very.. uncomfortable. And strange.

Well, I should get back to my beloved algebra.


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