L.A. and other stuff

March 3, 2009 at 5:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, been a week since my last actual post. A few things have occured:

Hm, last Wednesday I just went to class (switched my days until Fridays because I have that nanny job which is on Wednesdays), babysat, saw Mike, and went to Psych 300. The class was horrible, I was STARVING and guess what we were discussing..? Hunger. Complete with pictures of food. Sigh.

Thursday.. Spent the day with Mike like usual.

Friday Mike and I celebrated our 11 month. It’s actually on the 31st, but since February only has 28 days and I was out of town on the 28th, we celebrated it the 27th. We went out to our regular breakfast spot, he had coffee and biscuits and I had Earl Gray and biscuits. He felt really dizzy/sick so I had to drive home. Seriously, it feels so weird to drive automatic when you’re used to stick. I kept automatically trying to push down the clutch and change gears.. D: Then he took a nap and I sat around. We got Subway and watched Get Smart when he felt better, not that much of an eventful anniversary. Our one year is coming up though 😀

Saturday my family and I left for Los Angeles. It’s about a six hour drive; we got there around 3. Walked around on Venice Beach for awhile (that’s where we stayed), then Tim (brother) and I got some pizza while my parents went out to some restuarant. I called Mike, Tim and I played Scrabble, and read and whatnot. On Sunday we went out to breakfast, I got blueberry pancakes with fruit and tea and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Then we sat on the beach, and then Tim and I went to the hotel and hung out there. Then when my parents came back my mom and I walked around, I got a long dress and a shirt, and I got my palm read (most of it was true, but some things were a little off). Then we all went out to a restuarant called Lago, and I ate an amazing pizza. Monday morning we got up and went and took pictures for our new passports, and went to an organic cafe and I had a really good vegetarian sandwich. Then we drove home, and I went over to Mike’s. Today Mike and I had class, hung out, and I babysat.

Tomorrow I do my nanny/babysitting thing; it’s from 8-1 so I have to get up at 6:30. Which is unfortunate because Mike invited me to come to a midnight showing of Watchmen with his friends (his best friend is the manager there so he can open up the theatre), but I kind of need my sleep 😦


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