March 23, 2009 at 5:10 pm (Uncategorized)

I think being sick makes my brain not function as well. Technically I’m not even sick, I just have a sore throat, but today (and yesterday) I swear I have been so much.. slower. Morning babysitting went pretty well, when we were walking to school the daughter kept asking me to stay until she got home from school so we could fly kites, and she gave me a hug 🙂 Kids are so cute. The boy was super tired all day, funny how 2 year olds can sleep so incredibly much.

Afternoon babysitting went well too, it was just one kid today because the son is in Coloma. I remember fourth grade and that trip, seems like so long ago x]

Then I drove my brother to Best Buy so he could get a game, and I bought him, myself, and Mike some In-N-Out. Now I’m at Mike’s, he’s playing WoW for some raid thing while I’m on the computer, about to do some math since I’m going into class tomorrow. No House tonight 😦


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